Christ Central Medical Care Center exists to serve the people of South Carolina with medical, dental, optometry and other care. CC Medical Care Center is a free clinic designed to serve patients without insurance and the means to pay.
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Where Christ and Care come together
Caring for the needy of South Carolina

CCM Medical Care is as only effective as the greatly appreciated core of volunteers who are committed to helping those in physical, mental or emotional need. It would be impossible to effectively function without our devoted volunteers. From the greeters at the door to the screeners, interpreters, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, schedulers, and others, a patient often sees more than 12 caring individuals during a visit to the clinic.

Professional Support
Caring professionals

The staff at CCM Medical Care is charged with the responsibility of creating the environment that allows the clinic to function with the utmost integrity, compassion and kindness. Led by the Medical Director, the Division Leaders from the Medical, Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, Mental Health, Dermatology, Nurses, Employee’s and Volunteers, CCM Medical Care will always seek the most Professional Support to participate in this mission opportunity.
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